Welcome to Rangakarmi

A group of theatre lovers

With the advent of new technologies day by day all our activities are getting faster and easier as we understand this. As we adapt to new technologies and changing environment, the old culture is lagging behind somewhere, theatre is one of such old culture. Today there is at least one television in each and every house hold but in older days there was no such facility available and hence Drama, Theatre, Baiscope etc. were the means of entertainment. People who are familiar to theatre still love to watch the plays at the theatre, but the younger generation are not that much attracted towards the plays, instead they prefer Movies at the Multiplex/Cinema Halls. Yet we have to admit the beauty of the plays in theatre is not there in the Movies, though less people are aware of this fact. Ranga Karmi is making an effort to revive the old theatre culture and let it reach people to claim its well deserved place in the Entertainment World.