About RangaKarmi

RangaKarmi is a Cultural Non-Profit organization

RangaKarmi is a Cultural Non-Profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 in the year 2011. Since its inception RangaKarmi is operating with a vision to educate and entertain Society with its innovative Plays, Dance and Music. We are dedicated to promote Art, Dance and Music, Create awareness on education, health, women and children development among poverty ridden people, to encourage new ideas and provide with a forum to exchange ideas. We organise training programmes, study sessions for financially week people to help them earn more. We are devoted to co-operate the Govt. with various developmental works to promote Art and Culture.

We the people at RangaKarmi put our hard work, body, mind and soul to each and every act we perform, we work throughout the year to conceptualize and perform multiple plays/acts. Through our plays the society can relate to its major issues and learn to fight them. Our plays are innovative, based on new concept each time, rooted to the Society itself, attractive, educative and all are aimed at Social welfare. We organise many cultural programmes all through the year to reach more and more art lovers and to get the rightful place of the Drama/Theatre in the Society. At RangaKarmi Stories, Art come to Life, Come and Live Them with us.